Folive (F/letcher and Olive) is the romantic pairing of Fletcher Pumpernickel Quimby and Olive Daphne Doyle. This pairing is most likely since Chyna does not seem to be interested in Fletcher in the way he is interested in her. Though, Fletcher has shown to be unthoughtful to Olive in some episodes, and Olive has threatened Fletcher and teased him. It mainly rivals Flyna, (Fl/etcher and Ch/yna) Angive, (Ang/us and Ol/ive), Cholive (Ch/na and Olive) and Faisley (F/etcher and P/aisley).&nbsp

Other NamesEdit

  • Flive (Fl/etcher and Ol/ive)
  • Flolive (Fl/etcher and Olive)
  • Five (F/letcher and Ol/ive)
  • Oletcher (Ol/ive and Fl/etcher)
  • Fletchive (Fletch/er and Ol/ive)
  • Etchive (Fl/etch/er and Ol/ive)

Folive MomentsEdit


  • Throughout the episode they looked at each other many times. (as seen above)
  • When Fletcher said that Chyna was beautiful, Olive looked annoyed and jealous.
  • The beeswax statue that Fletcher was working on was of Olive.
  • Fletcher was carrying the beeswax sculpture of Olive in his arms.
  • Fletcher did not seem to mind that Olive insulted him.
  • Fletcher waits for Olive (and Chyna) before running out of the A.N.T. Farm.
  • They both say "RUN" at the same time, meaning they have dealt with the hallways together before.
  • Olive wants to make sure Fletcher doesn't panic.
  • In the hallway Fletcher yelled for Angus causing Olive to slap sense into him.
  • Olive was the only one calming down Fletcher when he was worried about Angus.
  • Olive was the first person Fletcher made out of beeswax.
  • Fletcher and Olive grab each other's shoulders.
  • Olive and Fletcher sit next to each other in the music room.
  • When they were at the Parks Residence Olive put her arm on Fletcher's shoulder. (maybe trying to impress him by looking like a high schooler.)
  • Fletcher had a wax sculpture of Olive, Chyna, and himself. And the sculpture that he had of Olive at the beginning of the episode which makes him have teo sculpyures of Olive. If not, more.
  • Olive and Fletcher both dressed older, so they could have talked about it beforehand.
  • Fletcher and Olive high-fived after they said their bed times, which means that they have the same bed time, and that they agree with each other.
  • When Fletcher falls on the music, Olive (and Chyna) help him stand up.
  • When Olive and Fletcher got mad at Chyna and walked away, if you look closely, you can see Fletcher putting his arm on Olive.
  • While Chyna was singing, Olive goes to work the lights. As she runs off, you see Fletcher's hand raised, maybe meaning he had his hand on Olive's back or shoulder.
  • When Fletcher tells Chyna it was mostly Olive who turned on her, Olive seems annoyed and upset that Fletcher is blaming her.
  • When Olive, Fletcher, and Chyna hug, Olive has both her arms around Chyna but Fletcher has his arms around both Chyna and Olive.
  • When Lexi called them freaks, Fletcher stood up for himself and for Olive. Then, Olive agreed with him.
  • When Olive splashes yogurt she could of said, "lets go" but instead she took his arm.
  • When Fletcher said he made many sculptures of Chyna, Olive looked down, crossed her arms, and rolled her eyes, meaning she was annoyed.
  • Gibson mistakes Fletcher and Olive for a married couple, and neither of them deny it.
  • When Olive finally knocked some sense into Fletcher they ran out the halls together without Chyna.
  • When Olive and Fletcher leave Lexi's house, she grabs his arm.Fletcher had a wax sculpture of Olive, himself, and Chyna. That means he made at least 2 wax dummies of Olive, and if not more.


  • Olive and Fletcher both show that their afraid of the big kids.
  • Olive was looking for Fletcher because she said "Oh there you are Fletcher".

The PhANTom LockerEdit

  • Fletcher knew that Olive would never come to school at night.

SciANTs FairEdit

  • Fletcher looked back at Olive with a smile during class.
  • Fletcher looks at Olive when he says he got an A as well, maybe trying to impress her.
  • Fletcher is concerned when he sees Olive cutting a wedding dress, maybe thinking he wanted to see her in it.
  • Fletcher conferred with Olive with her project.
  • Olive looked annoyed when Fletcher said that he had a GPS system to track Chyna's every move.
  • When Principal Skidmore leaves, Fletcher stands next to Olive.
  • When Chyna was trying to think of something Olive was good for, Fletcher was looking at Olive with a smile.
  • Fletcher says Olive is right when she tells Chyna she won't be able to watch High Heels High.
  • When Chyna leaves after Olive tells her she can't watch High Heels High if she fails, Fletcher walks towards Olive.

Bad RomANTsEdit

  • Olive got crazy when she was yelling at Fletcher that he said that the gum would be sugarless and Fletcher lied to not get her mad at him.
  • Olive helped Fletcher chew gum for his sculpture even though she knew that it was a way Fletcher could impress Chyna.

The InformANTEdit

  • Olive and Fletcher sat together at the lunch table and later on in the ANT Farm.
  • Olive giggled at Fletcher's cat outfit.
  • Olive said, "Oh no! My cat (Fletcher) ran away!" saying "My Fletcher."
  • Olive knew Fletcher's middle name.
  • Fletcher didn't seem annoyed that Olive knew his middle name.
  • Olive didn't mind when Fletcher described her as having the gift of spouting random facts that no on cares about, she actually seems pleased.
  • He climbed in the trash can because Olive (and Chyna) didn't want to and they made him.
  • While they were waiting for "Charlie Brown" to come to reveal their "plan", Fletcher was standing on the ledge behind Olive, instead of waiting at the door with Chyna.


  • Maybe the reason why Angus would help Fletcher ruin Chyna's date, was so that Fletcher could date Chyna and not Olive.
  • When Olive and Chyna came up to see Fletcher kissing the Chyna doll, Olive looked somewhat annoyed and hurt.
  • Fletcher called Olive a "robot inside of a human's body" which she thanked him for in a non-sarcastic voice.
  • When Angus tells Fletcher that if Nigel went after "my Olive", he'd be in a trash heap, Fletcher just looks at him, maybe knowing that Olive will never fall for him.


  • Olive was extremely kind to Fletcher during this episode.
  • Fletcher asks Olive to sign his petition and is disappointed when she says no.
  • Olive (and Chyna) went to the meeting to support Fletcher.
  • Fletcher sits next to Olive after telling people about the dinosaur nuggets.
  • When Angus asks if Olive will marry her, she declines, possibly meaning she wants to date Fletcher, although she may have been just annoyed.
  • Olive was amused by Fletcher's dinosaur outfit and claimed, "it was totally worth the wait".
  • Olive and Fletcher sit at the same lunch table.
  • When Olive asks Fletcher how his petition is going, she looks happy and she wanted to know so much that she even let go of her food.


  • Fletcher tells Olive to help him round up the chicks.
  • Olive and Fletcher take Home Ec. class together.
  • At first, Fletcher and Olive sat next to each other during class.
  • Fletcher asked Olive to be his partner.
  • Olive seems upset when Fletcher leaves to be Paisley's partner.
  • Olive calls Fletcher decent.
  • Olive doesn't want Fletcher and Paisley to win this could be seen as not wanting them to get together.
  • Olive states that this wasn't the first time she's seen chicks run away from Fletcher.
  • Olive doesn't want to go on the romantic dinner with Angus. Maybe she wanted to go with someone else, like Fletcher.
  • Maybe Fletcher new that there would be a romantic dinner for the prize and he that's probably why he asked Olive to be his partner.


  • When Gibson tells them that he got fired, Fletcher and Olive simultaneously say, What!?! and look at each other.
  • Fletcher seems really hurt when Olive hits and yells at him.
  • When Chyna tells them that they have to make a plan to get Gibson back, Olive is sitting on a black chair and Fletcher is leaning on it.
  • Olive and Fletch both drink the water glasses that Chyna was playing on.
  • When Olive is saying all the stuff Gibson's ever said to her, Fletcher's smiling.
  • When Chyna's pulling Gibson's Greatest Hits out of her hair, in the background Olive and Fletcher are passing the phone back and forth to each other and smiling.
  • Fletcher was still happy when Olive was being all boring with Science.


  • The next day as Olive walks into the the A.N.T Farm, they both kind of pause and stare at each other.
  • Fletcher said that Olive "used to be beautiful" meaning that he thought she was beautiful.
  • Fletcher said that Olive's face was beautiful.
  • When Chyna and her mom were talking, you can see in the background that Fletcher and Olive were talking as Jake and Sierra. Fletcher on the couch, and Olive in the bouncy house.
  • Olive got her face painted. Fletcher grabbed Olive's head and shoulders when he recognized who painted it.
  • Olive looked stunned when Fletcher's hands were on her shoulders.
  • The next day when her face paint was washed off, Fletcher said he couldn't look at her. Olive looked annoyed.
  • Olive threatened to beat him up after he insulted her. This could mean she was hurt by him calling her ugly.
  • Olive went with Chyna to the art museum, to tell Zanko to give Fletcher's painting back, once Fletcher found out that Zanko ripped him off, which might mean that Olive cares about Fletcher.
  • When Olive was about to tell Fletcher something, after Chyna told him that they couldn't get his painting back, she touches his arm, maybe trying to comfort him.
  • Olive yelled and threatened Zanko to try and get Fletcher's painting back.
  • Olive helped Fletcher get his painting back by dressing up like a little girl to distract security.

The ReplacemANTEdit

  • When Olive was the mean teacher, she asked Fletcher a question when she could have asked anybody else.
  • Fletcher looked nervous when Olive yelled at him whils she was a mean teacher.
  • Fletcher kind of smirked when Olive was shaking the spit balls off of her.
  • Fletcher was about to spit a ball at Olive but he didn't because he swallowed it by accident.
  • Right when Olive passed out, he quickly gave Chyna his shoe.
  • Fletcher looked at Olive with a worry look on his face.
  • As Olive said that she prefer to be a coma then to smell Fletcher's shoe, he looked kind of offended
  • Maybe one of the reasons that Olive quit being a teacher was so that Fletcher wouldn't hate her because she was a mean teacher.

cANTonese Style CuisineEdit

  • When Olive said she can retrace her steps, she said "No problem! I remember all our steps! Before that Fletcher said 'don't worry, we'll get that picture back! Because I love you!" Maybe Olive said that because she wanted Fletcher to say that to her.
  • Olive might have been jealous when she said that Fletcher loves Chyna.
  • Fletcher is seen smiling at Olive she is talking about the fortune cookies and how they originated from Japan.

IgnorANTs Is BlissEdit

  • When Olive lost her memory, Fletcher looked worried.
  • Olive and Fletcher shook hands when Olive mistook his name as "terrible".
  • Fletcher is seen clapping after Olive finished delivering Chyna's speech.
  • Fletcher looked like he felt guilty after he implyed that he never missed Olive.
  • When Angus came and asked if Olive still remembers him, Fletcher had a serious frown face.
  • When Angus was tying to make Olive believe that he was her boyfriend, and tried to kiss her, Fletcher seemed annoyed and upset , Fletcher (and Chyna) looked shocked and were trying to stop Angus.
  • If you look closely you can see Fletcher about to grab Angus back from trying to kiss Olive.
  • Fletcher looked concerned when Olive was trampled by the big kids.
  • Fletcher was just looking at where Olive was when she got trample.
  • When Chyna asked Olive what the capital of North Dakota is, and Olive said the wrong answer, Fletcher was excited and happy because he thought Olive had her memory back.
  • When Fletcher was telling Olive that she is Olive, you can see him leaning into her a bit.
  • When Chyna and Fletcher found Olive at the kindergarten, he looked happy and was smiling.
  • When Fletcher said that Chyna was worried about her, you can see that there was flash of hurt across her face.
  • When Chyna and Fletcher were leaving the kindergarten, Fletcher looked like he was going to cry. He looked upset, worried, and like he wanted to do something to help her get her memory back.
  • When they were leaving out the door you see Fletcher walking slow staring at Olive.
  • After Olive gave the speech and Angus hugged her, you can see Fletcher with his arms crossed, glaring at Angus, after he hugged Olive.
  • When Fletcher said that Chyna missed her, indicating that he didn't, he had a nervous smile on, like he was lying. Also, Olive looked hurt when he said that.
  • She actually look mad and she gave him an "I never missed you" look.
  • When Principal Skidmore was explaining that the doctor couldn't predict when or if Olive's memory will come back, Fletcher was the one who asked what will happen to Olive if her memory doesn't come back. That could mean that he was worried about her.
  • When Olive lost her memory, Fletcher looked at Olive romaticly telling her that she's "Olive".
  • Maybe one of the reasons that Olive decided to come back to the A.N.T Farm was to stay friends with Fletcher.

Slumber Party ANTicsEdit

  • Olive seems glad that Fletcher is there.
  • Maybe one of the reasons that Fletcher wanted to go to Chyna's slumber party so badly, was to see Olive.
  • When Fletcher was in Chyna's room with all the girls, you can see that when Fletchers back is facing Olive, Olive is smiling while looking at Fletcher.

America Needs TalANTEdit

  • When Chyna, Olive, Fletcher, and Cameron were helping Darryl get over his fear of flying, after Darryl yelled at Fletcher (as a baby), Olive (as his mother) said, "Don't you talk to my baby that way!" Then she hugged Fletcher.
  • At the car, when Fletcher kicked Chyna's father's seat again he yelled at him, Fletcher cries and Olive looks at him, possibly wishing she could comfort him as she did before but Chyna was sitting in the way.
  • When Olive says "You know nothing about flirting", Fletcher looks hurt. He may have been trying to flirt with her but has failed in the past.
  • Fletcher maybe wanted another hug from Olive when he kicked Chyna's dad's seat again.

sANTa's Little HelpersEdit

  • They sit very closely on the couch in the A.N.T Farm together.
  • Instead of Fletcher saying that Chyna could get on his shoulders, he said that Olive could get on his shoulders, and then Chyna could get on Olive's shoulders.
  • They were both dressed like elves.
  • They come down the chimney together.
  • They are seen sitting/standing/looking together a lot.
  • They want to try to help get the toys back.
  • Olive and Fletcher both decided to go down the chimney, even when Chyna didn't want them to.
  • Fletcher and Olive were messing around with the toys when they were in the orphan house.
  • When Chyna through the pie in Fletcher's face, Olive looked suprised and kind of mad.
  • Olive mentioned to Fletcher 3 times that his plans and him were genius.
  • After the last time that Olive and Fletcher fist bump, Fletcher is seen smiling at Olive.
  • Fletcher told Chyna to stop being selfish and listen to the jack-in-the-box plan and Olive agreed with it
  • Both Olive and Fletcher agreed with each other many times in the show.
  • Olive and Fletcher kept making fun of Principal Skidmore a lot of times that, even Chyna got annoyed.
  • When the orpahn girl called Fletcher a filthy liar, Olive was sad and felt sorry for Fletcher,acting like the girl was wrong.
  • When Fletcher said that they made the toys as a team, he glanced at Olive.
  • When Chyna was inside the box singing, and they liked it. Fletcher and Olive look at each other and they smiled.

Some EnchANTed Evening Edit

  • Olive seemed jealous when she was talking to Chyna about Fletcher liking her.
  • Olive told Chyna that she should tell Fletcher that she has a boyfriend.
  • Olive said that Chyna should let him down easy which means that she cares about Fletcher
  • Fletcher first looks at Olive before he begins to speak at the beggining of the episode
  • Olive saids that she hopes Chyna wouldn't give Fletcher a nice gift.
  • Olive might have set up the double date so that Fletcher could see that Chyna was lying to him, and he could be mad at her.
  • After Olive said that Fletcher was totally in love with Chyna, she shook her head and looked jealous which could mean that she likes Fletcher.
  • Olive looked really mad as she told Chyna to tell Fletcher that she has a boyfriend.
  • Olive looked curiously at the gift that Fletcher gave to Chyna.
  • Olive crossed her arms and looked serious at Chyna as Chyna said "Oooh, a plane, he must love me."
  • Olive looked sad after Fletcher wrote "I Luv U!" in the air with a plane for Chyna.
  • Olive looked happy and even smiled after Chyna told Fletcher that she has a boyfriend.
  • Olive looked a little jealous after Fletcher told Chyna that he has a girlfriend.
  • Olive stayed in the conversation with Chyna and Fletcher, even though she didn't say anything.
  • Olive talked to Fletcher to set up a double date with Chyna and her boyfriend, with Fletcher and his girlfriend.
  • Olive looked nervous when Chyna asked why did she set up a double date.
  • Maybe Olive wanted to humiliate Chyna by setting up the double date.
  • Olive said that the double date will be fun and smiled, maybe because she knew that Fletcher was going to be mad at Chyna.
  • Olive looked like she forgot that Chyna was pretending to have a boyfriend, but she has an eidetic memory so she must have been faking it.
  • Olive shrugged her shoulders like if she meant "Oh well." when Chyna told her that she didn't actually have a boyfriend.
  • Fletcher said that it was Olive who convince him to agree about the double date.
  • Fletcher didn't know why he said yes to Olive.
  • Fletcher said that Olive was an "evil sorceres."
  • Fletcher kind of nodded his head a little bit when Angus asked "it's hot isn't it?" (talking about Olive).
  • Olive said that she could get anybody with just her "eyes" (which might be how she convinced Fletcher about the double date.
  • Olive kind of tries to convice Chyna to not do the boyfriend auditions (probably to make her show up with nobody for the double date, then Fletcher will get mad at her).